Patient Information

The Scottish Government has announced the return of routine NHS treatment to dental practices as of 1st November 2020. This is really positive news and a step in the right direction, however we are not back to business as usual just yet.


Due to the capacity restrictions in place to protect patients and staff from the transmission of Covid-19, your dentist is only able to see a lower number of patients each day.

We politely ask that patients do not contact the practice to book routine NHS check-ups just yet. We know you are waiting and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Your dentist will prioritise patients according to their knowledge of the particular clinical situation. Those experiencing pain will continue to be our priority and should contact us for further advice and care where required.

We understand that this has been and continues to be a difficult time for you and your family and we share your frustration. We will continue to share updates as they become available to us.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time.

Phased Approach to Resuming Normal Service

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We would like to introduce to you the phased approach, as announced by the government and Chief Dental Officer, to reopen our practice and start up dental treatment again.

Phase 1 is where we prepare for the reopening of the practice. We worked closely with the local health board to ensure we follow the latest local guidance on top of the government’s guidance.

Phase 2 commenced on 22nd June. This where we reopen to see patients with urgent care needs. We work closely with the local emergency dental centres (the PDS) and referring patients to them where we cannot carry out the treatment in practice (aerosol generating treatments in particular).

Phase 3 commenced on 13th July. In this phase we are allowed to begin to see registered patients at the practice for routine dental care. We are continuing to work closely with the local emergency dental centres (the PDS) and referring patients to them where we cannot carry out the treatment in practice

Phase 4 commenced on 1st November and will see the start of the return of normal service.

We are keen to keep our patients up to date with the information we have available at the time, however, please remember, as with all government guidelines issued around COVID-19, these are subject to review and changes.

Dental Emergencies 

If you have a dental emergency (severe pain or swelling), please give your practice a call during opening hours and a member of the team will be able to assist you. For dental emergencies out with our opening hours, you can still call NHS 24 on 111.

NHS Inform - Changes to ServiceNHS Information on Coronavirus

Take care and stay safe!

Patient Safety is our Number One Priority

With patient and staff safety being our number one priority, we are pleased to introduce you to the measures which we have now put in place at our practices.

1) We are booking patients appointments to ensure that the practice is not overcrowded. We do this by leaving suitable gaps between appointments, making sure that patients can attend the practice while maintaining a safe distance from one another in accordance with government guidelines.

2) We will be creating clinics for patients who are most vulnerable, to help minimise patient contact with others whilst they are at the practice.

3) To further avoid overcrowding when you arrive at the practice, where possible to do so, we ask that you wait in your car or in a safe place outside of the practice until called in. We will notify you via your phone when you should enter the practice.

4) We may suggest a virtual consultation with the dentist, using a video link, prior to you visiting the practice.

5) Where possible, you will fill in all relevant forms on your mobile phone, or computer before you enter the practice. This means that you will not have to touch a pen, paper, or any electronic device other than your own when you attend your appointment. This crucial step greatly reduces touch points at the practice.

6) We have created hygiene stations for all of our patients to use when entering and exiting the practice.  These contain gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.

7) Between all appointments the dental team will thoroughly disinfect the dental surgery, reducing the risk of patient exposure to anything harmful while they are in the chair.

8) And finally, as you leave the practice, we ask that you pay by card, preferably contactless.

Please don’t feel overwhelmed by these changes, they have been put in place to ensure our patients and staff are as safe as possible.  

We hope you find these changes reassuring.

safety measures to keep you safe