With dental implants you can smile and eat with confidence.

“… I now have a natural, full smile. I never thought i would have that again. My food tastes so different without a dental plate and not having to use any adhesives is just amazing. It has been a long process but if you are thinking about it i would say go ahead, its so worth it in the end.”

Implant patient at Clyde Dental Centre, Dentist – Clive Schmulian


Here at Clyde Munro we are pleased to offer dental implants to change your life and give you back your beautiful, bright smile. For many years, this reliable and efficient treatment has been used by dental professionals with utmost success to treat patients who have missing teeth. So whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or want a permanent solution to loose dentures, dental implants may be just the treatment you are looking for!

What are dental implants?

They are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone to provide a permanent, sturdy base for replacement teeth. They comprise of the:
• Dental implant – A medical-grade, titanium cylindrical post or screw that acts as a substitute for the root of the tooth
• Abutment – This is used to connect the implant with the crown and is built into or placed on top of the top of the implant
• Crown – The custom-made replacement tooth that matches your natural teeth.

Compared to other tooth replacement methods, such as crowns and bridges, dental implants are the most popular, long-term solution and the closest you can get to natural, healthy teeth.

Who are dental implants for?

Dental implants have been created to accommodate the needs of patients with missing teeth. They can be used to replace a single or multiple teeth, a problematic denture or for an implant-supported bridge.

As with any dental treatment, you will first need a consultation with your Clyde Munro dentist who will check the overall health of your whole mouth to see whether dental implant treatment is suitable for you. In order to ensure the long-term stability of this dental investment, your oral health needs to be in good condition. Your dentist will also carry out X-rays to check the quality of your jawbone to ensure that it will sufficiently hold the implant in place. There are many factors to consider but you can rest assured that your Clyde Munro dentist will fully check your suitability for this treatment and will only go ahead once they, and you, are completely sure it is right for you.

What to expect from dental implants?

Dental implants are very discreet and are designed to provide the exact same function and feel as your natural teeth. Not only that, they will also offer comfort, stability and lifetime of happy smiles. Apart from having a full, beaming smile, you won’t be able to tell any difference between them and your natural teeth!

Types of Implants

There are three types of dental implants, each addressing a specific condition:
Single Gap Solution – Ideal for patients who have lost a tooth and want to fill the gap in order to smile without embarrassment. We use this method to resolve small issues inconspicuously and naturally.
Multiple Gap Solution – Specifically addressed to patients who are missing multiple teeth or who have compromised teeth. The multiple dental implants solution is the most permanent and natural-looking treatment for this problem.
Edentulous Implant Solution – If you are missing all of your teeth and need a full mouth tooth replacement option, this is for you. This is a method that can also replace conventional dentures, gone are the days of slippage and discomfort. The result? Absolutely amazing.


We hold Clyde Munro Implant Clinics at several of our practices across Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh and Banchory).


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