Crown your teeth with strong, natural-looking restorations

Protect and reinforce your natural teeth

If your teeth are badly decayed, weak or broken through injury, a crown may be required to restore lost tooth tissue, or to protect what remains. Custom-made in a dental lab, a crown is bonded over the top of the existing tooth, bringing it back to full function. Crowns are often the next course of action when filling is no longer effective, or after root canal treatment, which leaves teeth weakened and brittle.

Strong and natural restorations

Dental crowns have been used to strengthen or rebuild teeth for a long time – but it’s only in recent years that crowns have become as renowned for their look as for their function. While ‘old-school’ crowns were made of metal or gold, today’s advanced materials allow for completely lifelike, tooth-coloured and even metal-free restorations, made to match your exact requirements for shape, shade, texture and translucency. Once it’s in place, you’ll be hard pressed to remember which one is the crown!

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Why would I need a crown?

Crowns offer both a cosmetic solution to damaged or discoloured teeth and a practical option for strengthening bridges and root canals and protecting fillings.

What is a crown made of?

Crown materials range from hard-wearing and precious metals (usually reserved for the rear chewing teeth) to porcelain, resin, glass or a composite of all of these. Your dentist will help you choose the right material for your needs.

Is it painful to get a crown?

No – the procedure is always carried out under a local anaesthetic. If you have any worries about this, speak to us beforehand about how we can help manage dental anxiety.

How is a crown fitted?

To prepare a tooth for a crown, your dentist will apply local anaesthetic, before filing the existing tooth into a shape that will accommodate the crown. Dental impressions are then taken and sent to a technician who will create the crown. A temporary crown can be fitted while the permanent one is being made.

How long will my crown last?

Longevity is continually increasing thanks to ever more advanced technology – so if you follow a good oral hygiene routine, your crown could last up to 15 years or more.

Interested in dental crowns?

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