Ceramic tooth crowns, designed and placed in one appointment

What are same day tooth crowns?

Same day crowns are ceramic crowns created by an in-house CEREC® milling machine, a piece of equipment which creates accurately designed  crowns in under ten minutes.

The patient’s impression is taken digitally by the dentist, no need for uncomfortable impressions, and scanned onto a computer that sends the details of the new crown to the milling machine. The machine carves the crown out of a chunk of ceramic and the dentist makes it ready for the patient. Then the dentist places it over the decayed tooth. The process is so quick and efficient, the patient only needs to attend one appointment. Traditional crowns usually require at least two appointments.

We are delighted to be able to offer this painless, modern and fast dental procedure at several of our practices across Scotland, allowing our patients to leave with their new, restored smile after just one appointment.

The difference between traditional crowns and same day tooth crowns

Getting a crown is a fairly common dental treatment, but there are differences between same day crowns and traditional crowns. The main difference between same day tooth crowns from more traditional ones is that they can be made by your dentist as soon as they are needed.

Your teeth affect your smile, how you talk and how you eat. If you decide to go with traditional crowns, you may have to have temporary crowns placed while you wait for a dental lab to design your new permanent crowns, you will have to be very careful when eating or talking to ensure the temporary crown does not become damaged, or fall off. This is never the case with same day crowns, which are designed and placed in one appointment – reducing the amount of time you as a patient has to spend at the dental practice.

If you are a very busy person, multiple visits to a dentist for a crown are the last thing you want. Same day  crowns make the process less complicated and a lot faster.

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