A smile makeover designed especially for you

A bespoke combination of treatments

Are you unhappy with your smile, but not sure which treatments would make the most difference or give you the results you’re after? At one of our smile design consultations, we’ll look at the areas you’d like to improve and create a bespoke plan to transform the overall appearance of your smile. Depending on your requirements, this may involve one or more procedures, working within your budget and towards your aesthetic goal. Your resulting smile will be all yours – only better.

Your consultation

Your smile design consultation at Clyde Munro will be informal. We’ll have a one-to-one chat, during which we’ll listen to your concerns and then discuss how you’d like to improve your smile. We’ll carry out a dental examination to establish the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums. We can then advise you on the treatment options available and how each treatment is carried out. Once we’ve agreed a plan of action, you will be given a detailed treatment plan with an estimate of costs.

Patient finance options available

What could a smile makeover include?

Dental implants – replacing missing teeth with a custom-designed, strong and permanent solution.

Crowns – custom made to cover and reinforce damaged or decayed teeth

Bridges –natural-looking restorations to fill gaps left by missing teeth

Veneers – ultra-thin porcelain layers that sit over your teeth to hide a multitude of dental imperfections, from discolouration to gaps, chips, cracks and minor misalignment.

Orthodontics – adult braces that work in weeks, not years, and don’t impact on your lifestyle.

Teeth whitening – professional, prescription-only bleaching to create an even, white smile.

Hygiene and periodontics – getting rid of gum disease and establishing a robust hygiene routine – often the first step on the path to the smile you’ve always wanted.

Composite bonding – using the same hard-wearing tooth-coloured material that’s used for white fillings to fill in cracks, chips and gaps and to re-sculpt teeth to the desired shape.

Interested in booking a smile makeover?

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