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Don’t delay your dental check up!

Published: 10 November 2017

At Clyde Munro Dental Group, we’re often asked how often patients should attend their dental check ups. On the whole, your dentist will usually advise that you visit twice a year, but this could be more often or less frequently depending on your individual oral health needs. As everyone is different, always listen to the recommendation of your own dentist, because they will base this on what they feel is right for you.


It can be very common for people to think in the short-term about their dental checkups, and they decide it’s better to put their appointment off for a later date in order to save a small amount of money. However, this regularly gets forgotten about until there is a problem, which often flags up as tooth pain. Keeping up with your regular dental examinations is important for a number of reasons…


Why are check ups important?

First and foremost, we like seeing you! Building up a trusting relationship and good rapport with your dentist can make the whole experience more pleasant for everyone involved, so don’t be a stranger!


On a more serious note, the perception of saving money by not attending can be a flawed plan, as your check ups allow us to spot potential problems early on. By doing so, we can advise on treatments that will avoid a bigger problem in the future that may be painful both physically and on your pocket. Waiting to attend until you have a serious dental issue will not only end up costly, but the stress from the pain and associated problems such as difficulty eating or speaking can also have a huge effect on your overall wellbeing.


Mouth cancer early detection

In our last blog, we explained that November is Mouth Cancer Action Month and why it is so important to be aware of this disease. If you haven’t already read it, you can find it here, and we’ve included lots of useful information about the signs and symptoms to be aware of. When it comes to mouth cancer, your best defence is regular visits to your Clyde Munro dentist, because during every check up we always carry out thorough mouth cancer screening. This is nothing to be afraid of, and your dentist can explain exactly what they are doing and why.


Thus, by attending regular dental examinations, you will be benefiting from consistent mouth cancer screenings, providing you with a higher chance of the detection of anything that may be cause for concern. As with any form of cancer, early diagnosis is crucial for a positive outcome, so it’s always best to have screenings as often as possible and be aware of the signs and symptoms in between appointments, too.


If you are due a dental check up, please don’t delay it! Just contact your nearest Clyde Munro dental practice using our practice finder tool here and we’ll be happy to book you in.