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New University Students-Don’t forget your Dental Health!

Published: 16 August 2017

The summer is coming to an end, the exam results have arrived and there are many of you who will be about to head off to university this September. This is scary and exciting in lots of ways! Moving away from home for the first time is likely to be your initial steps into the real world of adulthood. We say the real world because although you may already drive, have voted, and drank your first legal pint, that’s all just scratching the surface of the fun stuff… there’s plenty of less exciting things to come your way.


Not that we want to dampen your enthusiasm, some people just love having to pay their own bills and sort out their own washing, its all part of gaining your independence! Planning your big move into your new digs is going to consume you with shopping trips to Ikea for bedding and kitchen utensils (if you haven’t done this bit yet, trust us, you will love it!), so it is hardly surprising that some of the other, practical bits and pieces tend to fall off the agenda. One of the most important things that lots and lots of students forget about is registering with a doctor and a dentist local to their new location.


We know that there are many things for you to think about and registering with a dentist may not rate as highly on your list of essentials as it perhaps should. Of course, planning your regular dental check ups to coincide with visits home is one way of maintaining your dental health, but is the dental chair really where you want to spend that all-important family time? By registering with a dental practice local to your university, you can continue with your check ups at intervals recommended by your dentist and at times that are far more suitable to your new life. This will help to ensure your teeth and gums are in optimal health and helps to discover any problems early on to stop them from developing into something that may end up costly.


The other benefit to registering with a practice close to your new location is that if something happens that requires immediate attention, such as toothache or a dental trauma, you have somewhere to go that you know and trust. Waiting until you’re in pain to find someone to help often won’t result in the most suitable decision you’ll ever make!


At Clyde Munro, we are a family of dental practices across Scotland that are here to provide you with a personal service that you can always rely on. If you’re about to embark on the next, exciting phase of your life, take a look at our practice finder to discover the Clyde Munro practice nearest to you, and rest assured that we’ll have your dental health covered during your time at university, and beyond!


Click here to find the nearest practice to your accommodation or university and register with us today!