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New Year’s resolutions for your smile!

Published: 11 January 2018

Leading a healthier lifestyle has always been one of the most common new year’s resolutions, although the way one defines this often differs. For some people, it involves eating more veggies and spending more time at the gym and/or meditating, which is great. For others, it means losing weight and stopping bad habits that bring them down, which is also exceptional.


But, did you know that taking excellent care of your smile and dental health is key to enjoying better overall health? You see, there is an undisputed body-mouth connection that, if thrown out of balance, could make us develop a variety of health complications and increase the risk of suffering serious health problems, including heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections and diabetes. So, how about you show your pearly whites some love this year! Here are five ways to start off your 2018 quest for a healthier you!


  1. Brush your teeth every day

If you are not meticulous about your teeth brushing routine, you are not alone. Research by YouGov1 has shown that 3 in every 10 (29%) Brits don’t brush their teeth the recommended two times a day. The research also highlighted that Brits are more likely to brush in the morning rather than the evening (just before going to bed), which gives food the chance to sit against the surface of the teeth, allowing bacteria to develop between the teeth and gums, and cause teeth to decay overnight. However, it is never too late to adopt a healthier morning and evening routine, so start brushing your teeth twice a day today!


  1. Floss every day

Although flossing should be a key component of your every daily teeth-cleaning effort, less than a quarter of UK adults use floss every day, according to National Smile Month facts and figures2. Why is it so important to floss? Well, almost half of the surface of your teeth is located in between, which means that brushing alone won’t effectively remove all food particles. Instead, the bacteria that are trapped after every meal will gradually cause gum disease. Moreover, you allow decay to build up and cause dental issues that could have been otherwise avoided.


  1. Quit smoking

Tobacco has a detrimental effect on oral health. Smoking can also cause bad-smelling breath, increase plaque build-up and gum disease, and yellow the teeth, not to mention the significantly increased risk of developing mouth cancer.


  1. Visit your dentist as often as they recommend

We know, going to the dentist is not everybody’s cup of tea, and although it hurts our feelings a tad here at Clyde Munro, we won’t hold it against you! That being said, though, it is important to make it to your regular check-ups and hygiene appointments as they help us see if there are any underlying problems, catch any issue before it escalates into something more serious, and effectively remove plaque and tartar build-up.


  1. Drink more water

We always hear all about the importance of drinking water. When it comes to oral health, saliva is one of the most powerful mechanisms the body has to help rinse away bacteria from your mouth. And, the more saliva you produce, the better your salivary glands will function (and remove bacteria). To be able to achieve that, it is crucial to drink plenty of water. Besides doing great a job for your teeth, staying hydrated is also beneficial for your organs too!


Trying to instil all, or at least some, of these new year’s resolutions will put you on the right path to better oral and overall health. So start today by booking your first dental check-up of the year with your nearest Clyde Munro dentist! Click here to find your nearest practice.