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Clyde Munro Practice Manager Diploma Course

Published: 30 January 2019

At Clyde Munro, we are always looking at ways in which we can assist the members of our team in furthering both their professional and personal development. We have hosted a number of CPD courses for our Dental Associates but this time, we wanted to encourage growth within a different area of our team by hosting a 4-day Practice Manager Diploma course.

The 4-day course featured a number of speakers discussing a variety of topics with the main focus being to help the group successfully manage the growth of their dental practice. Each topic was carefully chosen and once put into practice harmoniously, will help the group feel confident in managing their teams in order to maintain a great working environment and achieve positive results. The course also scheduled hands-on training, group discussions, question and answer sections as well as encouraging feedback to ensure the group were receiving the training and guidance they needed.

Not only did the course provide the group with new found knowledge and skills, but it also allowed them to interact with, network and share ideas and get to know each other on a more personal level. If we pride ourselves on one thing at Clyde Munro, it is ensuring that everyone feels part of a team and can count on one another for support.

The success of the course was apparent in the praise and positive feedback received and is definitely something we will be hosting again in the future!

Congratulations to everyone that completed their Practice Manager Diploma!