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Replace Missing Teeth and Smile with Confidence

Published: 22 December 2017

Would you like to smile with confidence again?

At Clyde Munro Dental Group, we fully understand the effect that a beautiful smile can have on your confidence. The simple act of smiling should be a display of happiness, but for those who are self-conscious about their teeth, it can easily become something that causes worry, concern, or anxiety.

There are many reasons why people feel dissatisfied with the way their smile looks, from misaligned, discoloured, chipped, or broken teeth, right the way through to gaps caused by tooth loss. This is probably the top reason why many people would rather hide away than smile in public, but thanks to the exceptional levels of technology we have available, missing teeth can be fixed to give you a natural-looking smile that you can be proud of once again.

Dental implants at Clyde Munro

Thanks to our strong family of Clyde Munro dental practices, our patients have access to a wide range of exceptionally skilled dental professionals who are able to offer a variety of treatments. For missing teeth, the top solution is dental implants, and we are pleased to be able to offer this service at numerous sites within the Clyde Munro Dental Group.

The treatment works by placing the implant into the jawbone. This looks a bit like a screw, but it is made from a highly scientific metal that is cleverly engineered to integrate with the bone. This is what creates the strong and secure foundation, which is great news because it is this part that acts as the replacement tooth root. After this, your Clyde Munro dentist will fit the crown, which is the section that looks and acts just like a natural tooth. This will be made especially for you, taking into consideration the size, shape and shade of the rest of your teeth to ensure that your smile looks beautifully natural.

Dental implants are fixed, so by having this treatment you never have to remove a device (as you would with a denture) to clean it, you simply brush and floss your teeth as normal. This gives you a long-term, fixed solution to missing teeth, leaving you with a smile that you’ll love so much you won’t be able to stop showing it off!

At Clyde Munro, we have invested in high-end equipment to allow our dental practitioners to carry out dental implant treatment with precision, which includes advanced digital imaging to ensure the exact placement of the dental implants. We also only use the best dental materials available, so you can place your trust in our dental practitioners to provide you with dental implant treatment that is second to none.

If missing teeth are causing you worry or concern, then dental implants could be the solution for you. To find out more and book your consultation, visit our dental implant treatment page today.