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Summer Smiles!

Published: 21 July 2016

With the kids off school, we can only hope for some good weather so that we can all really make the most of the summer holidays. We know that many of you will have holidays to look forward to, so there’s the delightful summer clothes shopping to be done, haircuts to have and beauty treatments to indulge in.

The combination of all of these things – alongside the beautiful sunshine of course – makes this time of year feel fun and exciting with lots to look forward to. The summer months also mean wedding season is upon us, providing another excuse to primp and preen ourselves to not only look good but feel fantastic too… and all of this just makes us smile that little bit more!

With that in mind, does your smile let you down, even after all the hard work you’ve put into your beauty regime? Over the years, we all suffer from inevitable staining and yellowing of the teeth, it’s perfectly natural and happens to the best of us. However, a simple course of tooth whitening, under the prescription of your dentist, can make a huge difference in many ways.

For starters, if you feel self-conscious about your less than sparkly smile then tooth whitening can really help. Many people who dislike their teeth often feel as though they’ll need hundreds of pounds worth of dental work to create the smile of their dreams. Here at Clyde Munro, we like to advise tooth whitening as an initial step because, with such effective results to be had, many patients find this can be just the solution they needed to make a big difference.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a very safe and non-invasive procedure, which means that it causes no damage to your natural tooth when carried out by a qualified dental professional. At Clyde Munro, we have an ethos of providing minimally invasive dentistry and protecting and saving the natural tooth structure wherever possible. Essentially, we want to work with you to help your natural beauty shine through! Patients with good oral health are usually suitable for tooth whitening, we’ll always provide a thorough check-up prior to recommending the treatment to ensure everything is in good order to start with. If not, we can work with you to get you to the stage where tooth whitening will be suitable!

Having a whiter, brighter smile can also have a rejuvenating effect on your appearance. You’ve probably noticed that your younger counterparts seem to be blessed with dazzling smiles but that’s just down to nature. The longer our teeth have been exposed to foods and drinks that can stain, the less white they will be. After a tooth whitening procedure, you may feel as though the years have just fallen off!

If you’re interested in getting a sparkling smile ready for summer and beyond, just use our dental practice finder to search for your nearest Clyde Munro centre.