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Tooth whitening – where should I go?

Published: 22 August 2016

According to a recent survey by the Oral Health Foundation1, smiles topped the charts as the most important physical feature of attraction, with a massive 56% of those polled rating it highly. However, the same study showed that half of respondents weren’t happy with their smile, with 37% citing stained or yellowing teeth as the reason.

We’re constantly bombarded with beautiful white smiles adorning our favourite celebrities everywhere we look, whether in magazines, on TV, in films, or online. So it’s no surprise that tooth whitening is a very popular and sought after treatment.

With such a high demand to achieve a sparkling, white smile there’s no shortage of outlets offering tooth whitening. While we’re all for consumer choice, it is important to be aware of some very important facts when it comes to tooth whitening, and where you choose to have your treatment is vital. The first thing to understand is that only dental professionals are legally allowed to carry out the procedure as it is considered ‘the practice of dentistry’. This means that tanning shops, beauty salons, etc, are breaking the law if they provide tooth whitening treatment. The best advice we can give in respect of this is to always visit a dentist if you are considering a whiter smile.

The reason behind this is quite simple. Your dentist is trained to look after the health of your teeth and gums and provide dental treatments that either boost your mouth health or have a cosmetic effect that is both safe and effective. There are strict laws when it comes to the products that can be used for tooth whitening treatments, which are designed to protect the patient, and dentists are fully aware of what these are and have access to trusted suppliers.

Don’t be tempted by cheap offers that can be found on the high street or the internet; these won’t be carried out by trained, qualified, and registered dental professionals and as such you will have no idea how safe the product is. In the best case, this could result in ineffective treatment with only short-term results that are just a waste of your money, but at worst they could cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums. You wouldn’t ask your dentist to wax your eyebrows, so why allow a beauty therapist to provide a dental treatment?!

At Clyde Munro, all of our dental professionals who carry out tooth whitening are appropriately trained and registered with the General Dental Council, as required by law. We will always carry out a full assessment to ensure you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening treatment and we only use products that we trust, which are not only safe they also provide reliable results that we know you will truly love. By having your tooth whitening treatment with Clyde Munro we can also give you top tips on how to make your dazzling white smile last as long as possible!

To discover more, or book an appointment, please use our practice finder to discover your nearest Clyde Munro Dental Practice.