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Wisdom tooth extractions

Sometimes, the gum around a wisdom tooth can become infected. This may cause varying degrees of pain, swelling, discomfort and sometimes, general illness.

Once the gum has been infected, the problems can return every few months. This usually means that the tooth needs to be removed. However, you may have to be treated for the pain before the tooth can be removed. 

The removal of an impacted wisdom tooth is not a simple extraction; it is a small operation. Some bone may need to be removed to allow the tooth to be taken out and stitches are often needed, too.

As with any operation, you should expect some pain, swelling and general discomfort for at least 2-3 days. Bruising may also occur on the side of your face. If it has been advised that your teeth would be best removed in hospital, you may have the added effects of a general anaesthetic to cope with.

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Banchory Dental Practice - Aberdeenshire

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