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Diamond Dental - Glasgow Easterhouse

Affordable Private Treatment

Diamond Dental Practoce are now offering Affordable Private Treatment so you can obtain the smile you have always wanted without worrying about the cost.

At Diamond Dental, we are offering fully fitted, naturally white crown, veneer, bridge unit, inlay and onlay for only £239 per tooth!


What is the difference between Affordable Private & NHS?


Affordable Private

-Metal Free

-Made to a bespoke colour to suit your smile

-Translucent, giving it a natural appearance

-Natural white colour

-Advanced technology



-Contains metal -back teeth are full metal and front teeth have an inner metal core

-Limited range of shades available

-Grey discolouration along the gum line of front teeth dur to metal core

-Light doesn’t pass through and creates a dull look


To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team on 0141 771 9648 today or click here



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Diamond Dental - Glasgow Easterhouse

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