Removing troublesome teeth

Why wisdom teeth aren’t always wise

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone must have their wisdom teeth extracted. You won’t need to have your wisdom teeth out unless they are causing problems. But because wisdom teeth (the four teeth – two top, two bottom – at the very back of the mouth that only appear when we are in our late teens or twenties) come through at such a late stage in life, when all other adult teeth have long since formed, impaction is a really common problem. This is when the wisdom teeth press against existing teeth, grow in at an angle and get stuck. In cases where this causes pain, swelling and infection, it is likely you’ll need to visit your Clyde Munro dentist to have them gently removed.

Gentle wisdom tooth extractions

If you’re experiencing symptoms, or if your Clyde Munro dentist foresees problems with your wisdom teeth, we’ll schedule an appointment to have them removed. On the day, you will be given a local anaesthetic, as well as inhalation sedation if required. Your dentist will then use a special instrument to loosen and disconnect the tissue around your wisdom teeth, before pulling them out. It is sometimes necessary to divide the teeth into sections before removal. Depending on the size of the resulting cavity, they may stitch the gum.

Does everyone have to have their wisdom teeth removed?

No, we’ll only recommend removing them if necessary – that means only if they’re causing problems for your other teeth or your jaw development or bite.

Will it hurt to have my wisdom tooth extracted?

No. Extractions at Clyde Munro are always carried out under local anaesthesia, with sedation options available for pain and anxiety relief.

How quickly will I recover after the extraction?

You’ll probably want to take a day or two off school or work to get used to managing the inevitable swelling and low-level pain that occurs after surgery, as well as cleaning the tooth socket. We will provide you with a comprehensive after-care plan, and you can expect a full recovery within two weeks of the extraction.

Having issues with your wisdom teeth?

Send us a message and your local practice will contact you!