Fast completion in less than 12 weeks

Selling a practice has a history of being an extremely lengthy experience. At Clyde Munro we will manage the full process within just 12 weeks if that is what’s needed.

A service dedicated to Scotland

As a Scottish business with our headquarters and senior team based right in the heart of Glasgow, we understand the local market and have lived and worked in communities across Scotland.

When you choose to become part of the Clyde Munro family, you can feel confident that your practice will be in good hands going forward. The team has vast experience within the dental industry, along with fantastic business management skills, which offers the comfort and relief of having the daily challenges taken off your shoulders.

We have a unique passion for building on the existing credibility and standing of the practice in the local community, offering you the flexibility of selling your practice without losing its identity.

Delivering a network of patient care

We work with your local team, giving them the autonomy to grow the practice and deliver excellent patient care. We understand that you know best when it comes to the needs and expectations of your local community, and we value that insight. There will be no middle management infrastructure to contend with, we only offer real, practical support to enable your team to provide the best possible patient care within the Clyde Munro family.

Retain your practice identity

Rather than removing your practice identity we want to build on the legacy that you have worked hard to achieve. We will never wipe out the years, decades or even generations of commitment to a local community by rebranding and repainting a practice over a weekend! We will work with you to ensure that we continue to serve the local community as part of our friendly, non-invasive approach.

The personal touch

Our approach is personal to you, we will provide the support you require to drive your team and practice forward to meet the goals you wish to achieve; all without long tie-in periods or monthly performance reviews. We believe it makes sense to support your preferences when it comes to the services you want to use and we also promise job security, training, and a whole host of benefits for your staff.