Short-Term Orthodontics


Short-term orthodontics (sometimes referred to as accelerated or high-speed braces) is an orthodontic treatment that allows a quick aesthetic solution. It is very similar to traditional braces in the way it works but can sometimes complete treatment in as little as four to six months, depending on the case and type of correction required. Short-term orthodontic systems also use tooth-coloured or clear brackets and wires in order to provide an aesthetic option that is far less noticeable than traditional metal braces. This is a superb option for patients with minor to moderate crowding of the front teeth (the teeth you see when you smile).

What is short-term orthodontics?

Our Dentists and Orthodontists at Clyde Munro use three main components to move the patient’s teeth into the right position:

  1. A bracket for each tooth
  2. The archwire that places pressure on the teeth and runs through the brackets
  3. A tie that connects the brackets to the archwire, usually made from elastic.


Who is an ideal candidate for short-term orthodontics?


Short-term braces are mainly used to help align the front six-eight teeth. They can be used in the upper and lower arch but are mainly used to straighten both at the same time.

However, they are not the preferred treatment if the patient has TMJ disorders (problems with the jaw point, jaw, and surrounding facial muscles), narrow arches or bite discrepancies. Cases that require significant changes or alterations are often not suited to a short-term orthodontic solution, and are likely to benefit from fixed braces. Nevertheless, your dentist/orthodontist will determine which treatment is best for you and whether you can benefit from short-term orthodontics.


The process

  • During your first consultation Stuart or Roy will evaluate your case, take your medical and dental history and other records necessary to plan your case. This sometimes involves, X-rays, models of your teeth (now conveniently done with our 3D intra oral scanner) and clinical photographs.
  • You will need to visit the practice every four weeks to have the archwires adjusted
  • In as little as six months or so, you can enjoy a beautiful straight smile!


Taking care of your short-term orthodontics

As with any other orthodontic treatment, attention to oral care is paramount in order to prevent tooth decay caused by food trapped between the brackets. For that reason, brushing after every meal and flossing once a day is necessary. Your Clyde Munro dentist will give you more detailed instructions and will be on hand to answer any specific questions or concerns you may have about this.