If you have either had your last failing tooth removed or you have lost all of your teeth, you may find a solution in dental implants, which is one of the most advanced and effective methods used to date. Dental implants allow people with no teeth at all to have a much more comfortable and secure solution than removable dentures.


Why dental implants?

Dental implants are a wonderful solution because they act just like natural teeth and offer a permanent answer to the problem of missing teeth. This means that edentulous patients can eat, speak, laugh, and smile confidently because the result is both aesthetically appealing and reliable.


When teeth are missing, the facial structure changes and the face can lose its youthful appearance due to loss of jawbone volume and structure – an issue that removable dentures can’t prevent. Conversely, implant-supported teeth stimulate the bone around them and help maintain the jawbone line.


The dental implant procedure:

  • A dental implant plays the role of the missing tooth’s root. The small, titanium, screw-shaped post is inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum, via a surgical procedure that involves no significant pain or discomfort
  • Once placed, the post will fuse to the jawbone and generates a process called osseointegration* that allows the bone to grow around the post. This is why implants they are considered to be such a reliable and sturdy solution
  • Your Clyde Munro dentist will attach fixed bridges (in one of the jaws or both of them at once) to the posts. They will look and function just like real teeth. To support a full arch of permanent replacement teeth, we usually need no more than four implants. This can be done within a day if the patient has healthy gums and enough jawbone to support the dental implants. Otherwise, we might need to consider a bone graft – a routine procedure that will help strengthen the jawbone – or other solutions. Your dentist will discuss all of the available options with you to ensure you make the best choice for you.


* To achieve that successfully, there should be no force that causes movement of the implants applied for the first 6-8 weeks. This is nothing a soft diet (no tough or crunchy foods) can’t solve.


Dental implants at Clyde Munro

Due to the state-of-the-art dental implants systems implemented at Clyde Munro practices around Scotland, we do not replace each missing tooth with individual implants. This method is impractical, unnecessarily stressful for the patient, and expensive. On the contrary, we use the absolute minimum number of dental implants to minimise overall cost and visits for our patients, while supporting the maximum number of teeth at the same time.


Dental implants can transform your life. Following the same oral hygiene routine you practiced with your natural teeth, your implants will give you your confidence back for many decades to come. Time to live life exactly as you want it!