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Environmental, Social and Governance

At Clyde Munro Dental, transparency is at the forefront of our operations.
This dedicated section of our website covers our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) adherence, which are the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a business, as well as the mitigation of harm.
Environmental criteria consider how we perform as a steward of the natural world, including energy use, waste and pollution.

Social criteria examine how we manage relationships with employees, patients, suppliers, and the communities where we operate.
Governance deals with a company’s leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls and shareholder rights.

By displaying our ESG information on our website, we are giving shareholders, patients and future partners a chance to see if our values match their own.


Environmental criteria

The environmental criteria examine how we perform as a steward of the natural environment, focusing on elements such as waste and pollution, resource depletion and the disposal of hazardous waste.

Taking care of the environment around us is paramount, and by adhering to environmentally friendly practice we can reduce our carbon consumption and becoming a greener company.

Environmental Criteria

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Reduced energy consumption

We are working hard to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by reviewing energy suppliers at all practices to ensure that our energy supplies will be carbon-neutral by 2030, with all energy generated from renewable sources.

Energy supplies have already been changed at 37 of our practices, providing an annual saving of 184 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

This is the same footprint as:

  • 20,000 gallons of petrol
  • The electricity required for 31 homes per annum
  • 450,000 miles driven

Energy use & efficiencies

Understanding our day-to-day behaviours and their impact on our energy consumption is key to reducing wastage.

We have committed to a monitoring and analysis programme to allow us to track energy used within practices and identify actions to increase efficiency and mitigate wastage.

In order to document baseline energy usage, suggest efficiency improvements and measure the impact of these improvements, we commission a comprehensive review annually.

A pilot scheme for LED lighting has been implemented across a number of practices (Clydebank, Earl Grey, Bellstane, Uddingston & Coia’s) with the following benefits compared to standard lighting:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Longer-lasting
  • Easier to recycle
  • Contain no toxic chemicals

Pollution and emissions

All three company cars, used for essential travel between practices, have been replaced with electric cars and we pledge that any future company cares will be electric too. Despite the absence of petrol miles, we still carefully monitor the miles done in our cars to ensure we’re impacting the environment as little as possible.

Waste management and the disposal of hazardous waste

Disposing of waste in an environmentally responsible way is a key element of our day-to-day practice. We currently recycle all ink cartridges, toothbrush heads and face masks at all of our practices.

Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme has been introduced at all practices (excluding Orkney) and all practices have a Recycle4charity box for recycling ink cartridges – which patients are also encouraged to use. All money received through any of our recycling is donated towards Alzheimer Scotland, a charity very close to our heart.

In the midst of current increased PPE usage, we are rolling out PPE recycling facilities across five main practices. These will accept non-soiled PPE (due to regulations) and will also be available to patients.

Natural Resource Conservation

An SSE portal is now in place to allow for paperless invoicing to be rolled out across all practices, and is anticipated to drastically reduce paper consumption. In addition, we recently changed water suppliers to Brightwater, resulting in a reduction in water usage with a price saving of c. 26%.

Compliance with gov environmental regulations

There is an increasing requirement for companies to develop and publish a suite of reporting on actions taken in relation to ESG impact. As a large business, Clyde Munro Dental Group must comply with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), reporting on:

  • Annual greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed within the UK including combustion of gas or transport fuel.
  • Report purchases of electricity.
  • Describe energy efficiency measures.

From 2022, large companies must also report to the Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), designed to help investors understand a company’s exposure to climate risk.

Digitising the patient journey

We are a leader within the industry in this space, with all communications and paperwork are in the process of being digitised – while continuing to accommodate patients who do not have access to or struggle with computer facilities.

We have ensured all practices have the facilities in place to email reminders, forms, information leaflets and other forms of necessary patient communications.

Between March and April 2021 alone, our new paperless system rolled out 81,000 forms, which would have otherwise been printed and completed manually.


Social criteria

The social criteria section covers how we engage with staff, communities local to our practices and our supply chain.

People are a key part of what we do and it is of the utmost importance that we take care of our staff, those who provide us with the tools we need to operate and our valued patients.

Social Criteria

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Supply chain

We are making strong progress towards solely working with suppliers that share our values and meet our environmental sustainability criteria. From those who operate our waste disposal, to those who provide professional services support, we aim to work with suppliers who are striving towards the same goal of sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly practice.

Local Community

We support the local communities we operate in by means of financial sponsorship and improving oral health where there are shortfalls in access to dental care.

In order to address the oral health inequality across Scotland highlighted by the 2021 BDA manifesto, we are in the process of setting up our ‘Clyde Munro Cares’ initiative.

‘Clyde Munro Cares’ aims to improve the oral health of children, vulnerable adults in deprived areas throughout Scotland through a dedicated programme of oral health education and free dental treatments facilitated by our dentists.

Through close collaboration with local health boards, schools and nurseries, we are providing education sessions and fluoride varnish clinics across Scotland to help children get a head start in oral health.

Alongside supporting the younger generation, we work closely with Glasgow based homeless charity, The Marie Trust, to provide vital support to vulnerable adults including administering dental care kits and facilitating education sessions for service users, carers and charity workers via a new drop-in support centre, funded by the NHSGCC.

Current objectives for ‘Clyde Munro Cares’ are as follows:

  • Deliver Societal Change: Meet and exceed our societal obligations to support our wider communities
  • Patient Care & Industry Reputation: Make Clyde Munro an industry leader in improving dental access for vulnerable groups
  • Clinical Expertise: Highlight Clyde Munro’s community undertakings to assist in attracting associates and staff to practices

Our continued expansion is helping us to provide more communities across Scotland with the necessary dental hygiene knowledge for better oral health as we strive to become an industry leader in improving oral health for vulnerable groups.

Charity partners

Both internally and through external sponsorship we actively contribute to a number of charities.

Alongside our work with The Marie Trust, we have an ongoing partnership with Alzheimer Scotland. Starting in 2019, the partnership has so far seen more than 45 of our dental practice teams complete ‘Dementia Friends’ training sessions, which ensure they are fully equipped with the skills, empathy and understanding required to provide the best possible dental care for people living with dementia.
Internally, we encourage various staff fundraising events and challenges throughout the year to raise money and awareness for a number of charities.

Duty of care

Each of our employees has a vital part to play in our day-to-day operations and it is our duty to make sure they feel supported in every way.
Currently, each staff member can enjoy a number of benefits, including a dedicated employee wellness programme that can be tailored to individual needs. The wellness programme includes life support for all personal issues, support on mental health, stress and anxiety, fitness tips, nutrition advice and face to face counselling sessions. We want to provide the team with additional resources that are accessible and can benefit their well-being.

Investing in staff is important to us and we ensure all staff are fully equipped with the correct PPE, uniforms and equipment to feel safe and secure at work. Our colleagues also have access to extensive professional training to help them reach their full potential.




The governance criteria examines our internal policies and how we hold ourselves to account, including internal controls, pay, internal audits and conflict of interest.


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Our staff are at the core of our daily operations. All are paid according to a baseline of at least the national minimum wage requirements and Clyde Munro has committed to pension contributions of 3% in line with current government pension guidelines.


Clyde Munro Group is subject to an annual external audit conducted by our independent auditors, Grant Thornton. Consolidated audited statutory accounts are reviewed by Grant Thornton and filed at Companies House.

Integrity of financial and accounting information

Accounting treatment is in line with UK GAAP. The Group has suitably qualified accounting personnel in place. Monthly management accounts are reviewed by the CFO and Group Financial Controller.

Accountability and fraud prevention

Clyde Munro Dental operates an appropriate approval hierarchy for spend, with assets suitably safeguarded and reviewed. Appropriate preventative controls are in place including balance sheet reconciliations, debtor reviews, variance analysis, new supplier sign off, verification of bank accounts, with access to systems strictly controlled. A risk committee meets regularly to identify any risks and review the mitigating controls which the Group has in place, highlighting risks based on probability and magnitude.
To prevent conflict of interest, all directors are required to disclose any related party transactions on an annual basis, and any such transactions are disclosed within our statutory accounts.

People compliance

We require GDC registration and number confirmation from all employees as well as an up to date immunisation schedule with confirmation of the necessary vaccines.

All employees are required to have a full PVG and indemnity is required for all self-employed contractors.

Decision-Making Processes

The Clyde Munro leadership team approach all decisions with the view to ensuring that all business strategies are carefully aligned with our ESG policy and that we have considered the environmental and socio-economic impact.


Policy governance

1. Gas safety

Clyde Munro Dental will ensure that:

  • All reasonable steps will be taken to secure the health and safety of employees and others who use or operate gas appliances. In this respect, the term gas refers to mains gas, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gases, i.e. propane and butane.
  • That suitable and sufficient risk assessments are undertaken in respect of gas safety.
  • Gas installations and appliances are designed and installed by qualified and competent persons in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.
  • That gas installations are maintained in a safe condition by carrying out annual safety checks and regular maintenance.
  • That portable and transportable gas appliances are inspected and tested frequently as required (the frequency will depend on the environment in which the appliance is used and the conditions of usage).
  • Safe systems of work for maintenance, inspection or testing are promoted and implemented.
  • Monitoring of gas inspection, design and installation work, and the gas safety management system is carried out by competent persons.
  • Contractors and persons who carry out work on gas installations and appliances are competent to do so.
  • Suitable personal protective equipment is provided if required to include special tools, protective clothing and gas detection devices and such equipment is maintained in good condition.
  • Safety information is exchanged with contractors ensuring that they are fully aware of (and prepared to abide by) the company’s health and safety arrangements.
  • Detailed records required by the regulations and in relation to the above are maintained.Employees must:
  • Co-operate with management arrangements for gas safety in the workplace.
  • Not carry out repair work to gas appliances unless competent to do so.
  • Follow any training, guidance and instruction given to prevent injury or ill health.
  • Report any hazardous or dangerous situation to the employer

2 . Legionella

Legionellosis is a collective term for those diseases caused by legionella bacteria including the most serious, Legionnaire’s disease as well as the less serious Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever.

Legionellosis can affect anyone who inhales small droplets of water (aerosols) from water systems, e.g. showers that are contaminated with legionella bacteria.

In accordance with the Health and Safety Executives (HSE)’s Approved Code of Practice, Clyde Munro Dental will adhere to the following guidelines:

· A suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out to identify and assess the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems under their remit.

  • A Written Scheme is produced and implemented, where a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure exists, for preventing or controlling the risks.
  • A Responsible Person (Competent person) is appointed to carry out the risk assessment, develop the Written Scheme and provide advice on prevention and control procedures.
  • A Responsible Person is appointed to help the Duty Holder manage the day-to-day operational control procedures in accordance with the Written Scheme.
  • Steps are taken to check that equipment supplied for water systems are designed to minimise the growth of legionella bacteria and are installed in compliance with relevant water related regulations.
  • Persons working with water systems are appropriately supervised and have been provided suitable information, instruction and training including the significant findings of risk assessments.
  • The risk of Legionella is eliminated, where reasonable practicable, through improved engineering design of water systems, e.g. by removing dead legs or removing unused showers where water can stagnate.
  • Regular cleaning, treating, maintaining and operating of water systems at predetermined intervals.
  • Regular monitoring, inspecting, testing, e.g. water temperatures and Legionella bacteria levels, if needed and reviewing of the water system’s control measures, risk assessments and the Written Scheme to check their effectiveness.
  • The risks from scalding are minimised.

Records are kept of the: –

  • Appointed responsible people for conducting the risk assessment, managing and implementing the written scheme.
  • Significant findings of the risk assessment.
  • Written Scheme and its implementation.
  • State of operation of the water system (working or not).
  • Results of any monitoring, inspections, tests or checks carried out including dates.
  • Where relevant, the requirements of the Reporting Injuries and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, RIDDOR is complied with.

Employees must:

  • Co-operate with management arrangements for the control of Legionella in the workplace.
  • Follow any information, training and instruction given by the employer to prevent ill health.
  • Report to Clyde Munro Dental Group Ltd any disease diagnosed as Legionnaires’ Disease.
  • Report to the employer any hazardous or dangerous situations.

Tax governance

All tax compliance requirements are completed by the group, in conjunction with our tax advisers Grant Thornton. We additionally have access to suitably competent external tax advisers for any matters that may arise.

Patient complaints

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