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The latest in cost-effective teeth replacement.

Dentures are highly practical and cost-effective replacements for missing teeth. A full range is available independently or there are options on the NHS which are limited. Just speak to the dental team who can provide you with everything you need to know.

Rest assured, today’s dentures are nothing like those of decades gone by. Made from acrylic, nylon or metal, they’re more lifelike and comfortable than ever, fitting snugly over your gums to restore your smile. Be it fitting partial or full dentures, your Clyde Munro dentists will talk you through all the options and give you plenty of time to read through your treatment plan. Then together we can plan the best course of action.

Types of dentures

Depending on how many of your teeth are missing, you’ll need either a complete denture or a partial denture.

Complete denture – this replaces all your upper and lower teeth, and fits over your gums.

Partial denture – this replaces one or a couple of missing or decayed teeth. It’s made up of a plastic or metal plate with false teeth attached and uses metal clasps to clip onto your nearby natural teeth.

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