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As natural as you like.

Fillings are the most common dental treatment, routinely used when tooth decay has caused a small cavity to appear in the tooth. The traditional filling material is metal amalgam, though composite white fillings are becoming more popular for their discreet cosmetic appeal. At Clyde Munro, we offer you the choice between grey amalgam fillings and tooth-coloured white fillings, depending on their appropriateness for the tooth involved. Your dental team will talk you through your options. Treatment is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic and involves minimal interruption to your day.

Natural-looking white fillings

Composites, or white fillings, use the latest bonding technology to build up existing teeth and restore them to their original form and function. Made from a resin, white fillings have vastly improved in strength in recent years. We find more and more patients are opting for them at Clyde Munro practices across Scotland, particularly for visible front teeth. As well as their natural look, the advantages of white fillings are that they are non-invasive. They build on the existing tooth structure, removing only the decayed part of the tooth. In fact, many patients choose to remove existing amalgam fillings and replace them with more discreet white ones instead.

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