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Teeth Whitening

No need to grin and bear stained teeth.

Your teeth are the first points of call for tea, coffee, red and white wine and richly coloured food. All serial offenders when it comes to staining teeth. Teeth whitening, involving the professional bleaching of your teeth, is the perfect answer to a less-than sparkly smile. At Clyde Munro, we offer one of the best teeth whitening systems available. What’s more, it can be carried out at your convenience, in the privacy of your own home. How brilliant is that?

Your journey to a whiter, brighter smile starts here.

1. Speak to your Dentist

Have a conversation with your dentist about the best whitening product for you and everything the treatment will involve. This will provide clarity about the process moving forward, so you’re in the know about all the steps needed.

2. We make your trays

To achieve optimal results, each tray is custom fitted and individually tailored to fit around your teeth. This avoids using too much product and increases the efficiency of our whitening gels.

3. Whitening treatment begins

With full knowledge of how to apply the gel and fit your trays, you can start on your journey to a brighter smile. Wear your trays as guided to see a sparkling smile with just a few uses.

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