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Sell Your Practice

How to stay local and be national.

At Clyde Munro, we pride ourselves on being Scotland’s local dentist. The management team all live and work in Scotland, meaning they know your area and the highs and lows you face on a daily basis. We know the importance to a dentist of being part of the community. Equally all our practices know the benefits of being part of Scotland’s largest dental family, providing technological and training support, and the sharing of ideas and problems.

Selling your practice is a big step, but if it’s something you’re considering then contact us for an informal chat. Our team are very friendly, and all conversations are completely confidential. So you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing until you’re ready to share the news.

The decision-making process.

We will never pressurise you to make a decision. We know that your business has been a labour of love and the decision you come to needs to be entirely yours. If you do decide to sell, we will then work with you and come to an arrangement that works for both of us. Because our team is small with a family feel, queries regarding the fine details of a sale don’t need to go through layers of management, meaning decisions can be made quickly. In fact, we are able to complete a full sale in just twelve weeks if that’s what is required.

We’re flexible to your needs.

Every practice is different, so the Clyde Munro team will work with you to provide the level of support that you need. You might want to be left to your own devices for much of the acquisition process, or you may need a friendly ear to listen to your concerns and worries. Some practices will want us to be heavily involved with the team from the outset, whereas others prefer a softer approach. It’s all about whatever works best for you.

Practice identity.

You’ve worked for years to provide a service your local community knows and trusts. We want to keep it that way. Our approach is non-invasive and integration into the Clyde Munro family will be phased in over time. We will invest in the practice through digital equipment and staff training to provide the best care for your patients while also creating an enjoyable and exciting working environment for your team.

We’ve always been great promoters of career development, with the aim that everyone can progress in Scotland’s most progressive dental practice.

For example, we’re launching a brand-new state of the art training academy in Perth with Phantom heads and microscopes for live learning, as well as a teaching surgery where the students can watch and learn from live procedures.

And we offer all staff Mentoring Schemes and bespoke Career Development Pathways, so everyone’s dental career is in good hands.

Interested in selling your practice?

Deciding to sell your dental practice is a huge step. We offer confidential, speedy appointments to discuss requirements at a time and place to suit you.

Simply complete the form in as much detail as possible, and a member of our team will be in touch.