Short, no-fuss treatments to straighten your smile

Quick and discreet

If you don’t have any particular problems with your teeth but are just unhappy with their appearance due to misalignment, gaps or overcrowding, short-term orthodontics might be the answer for you. It is a fast and affordable option which allows you to get the results you require with the minimum of fuss. It’s also a less invasive alternative to more old-fashioned solutions such as veneers or replacement crowns.

A solution to suit you

At Clyde Munro, we offer many options including clear teeth aligners or brackets connected with wires which are fixed to the front and side teeth to move them into alignment. They are often fixed to the back of the teeth and are tooth-coloured or clear so are very discreet and can be effective in a matter of months. We use tried and tested solutions such as QuickStraightTeeth™, Cfast, Invisalign Go and FASTBRACES® which move teeth effectively and safely with fast and beautiful results.

Patient finance options available

How long does short-term straightening actually take?

It depends on the straightening that is required, but some treatments with FASTBRACES for instance can take as little as 100 days. A more typical period would be 9-12 months.

How does short-term straightening work?

After a consultation with our experienced dentists and orthodontists, an appropriate treatment for your teeth will be advised. Short-term straightening is only suitable for the front teeth and usually consists of discreet brackets and wires which are fixed to your teeth for the duration of the treatment which gradually move your teeth into place. Sometimes clear aligners are used.

Can anyone have short-term straightening?

Short-term straightening is only suitable for the front and side teeth and not for complex orthodontic cases, so they may not be suitable for everyone. Your dentist will advise you on the treatment options available to suit your individual needs.

Will I need a retainer once my treatment has finished?

Yes, if you want your teeth to stay nice and straight. We’ll advise you on your options – retainers can be fixed or removable.

Interested in short term straightening?

Send us a message and your local practice will contact you!