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Cutting-edge Digital Equipment Now Available for Dental Implant Treatment

Published: 26 June 2024

For anyone considering dental implant treatment, it’s important that you know you’ll be receiving the highest standard of care. With Clyde Munro, this is a priority. We take many steps to make absolutely sure that every single one of our practices delivers exceptional dentistry. This includes investing heavily in cutting-edge equipment and technologies to support our talented dentists and teams.

Cutting-edge Technology Introduced

The latest addition to our practices is CHROME GuidedSMILE – a unique tool from the US that makes the planning of your implant treatment quicker and more predictable. It allows our implant dentists to prepare your treatment down to the smallest possible detail before treatment begins, meaning no surprises and only the very best results.

Callum Graham is the Chief Clinical Officer and Head of Advanced Dentistry at Clyde Munro. He says:

“CHROME helps dentists to accurately place dental implants in the ideal position within a patient’s mouth. This means a safer, more effective and more comfortable procedure. It also ensures that the results of treatment last as long as possible. In addition, the software can be used to show patients exactly what their treatment will entail. Not only does this ensure that they know what will happen and when, but it also helps them prepare to look after their dental implant and restoration for the best outcome.”

Benefits for Patients

Among the many other patient benefits, CHROME facilitates a quicker treatment process. Callum continues:

“We all have busy lives today, and we understand that patients have to work around their other commitments when seeking dental treatment. Our clinicians appreciate that the less time patients spend in the dental chair the better for them! CHROME enables Clyde Munro dentists to provide high-quality dental implant treatment in fewer appointments. That means fewer trips to the dental practice and less disruption to the rest of our patients’ lives.”

A Skilled Clinical Team to Match

CHROME is just one of the state-of-the-art solutions we use in Clyde Munro dental practices across Scotland. These form a complete digital workflow, which has been designed to ensure a modern, efficient and all-round exceptional experience for our patients. Our team of highly skilled dentists are also constantly updating and expanding their skills to be able to use the very latest technologies and techniques for their patients.

Interested in dental implant treatment? Or want to know more about whether this could be the right solution for you? Contact your local Clyde Munro dental practice or complete our CHROME GuidedSMILE enquiry form to speak to our dedicated Treatment Coordinator, Laura.