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Demonstrating Digital Dentistry

Dentists who use the latest digital technologies can provide patients with a more comfortable, more predictable and more pleasant treatment experience.

Published: 11 July 2024

What is digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the use of computer-based technology to examine, diagnose and manage the health of your mouth. It is an ever-growing market as science and technology becomes more advanced. At Clyde Munro, this is everything we strive to deliver to every one of our patients across all of our practices!

What are the benefits of digital dentistry?

Practices that use the latest in digital equipment and software can offer many benefits to their patients. These include:

  • Faster treatments
  • Fewer appointments
  • Less waiting time
  • Communication of clear treatment plans that you really understand
  • More comfortable treatments that are less invasive
  • An accurate visualisation of your mouth
  • More accurate diagnoses
  • A better understanding of your oral health
  • Lower radiation doses
  • Preventive dentistry

Why Clyde Munro invests in digital dentistry

As Scotland’s leading dental group, Clyde Munro sets a high standard for patient care. To achieve this, we advocate for a complete digital workflow, using the latest computer-driven devices in our practices. This provides our dentists with an array of technologies that support the treatment process. These can save valuable time for you and our teams, so you experience a fantastic treatment journey.

By using sophisticated technologies, we can provide less invasive procedures that maximise your comfort. Our dentists can deliver these treatments with precision.

For anxious or fearful dental patients, non-invasive technology can mean a less daunting, more pleasant experience too.

Digital dentistry is patient-centered. Using better technology can improve your education and understanding. For example, a colour co-ordinated radiograph can help show you any potential areas of concern. This makes it easier for you to know exactly what to focus on in your oral hygiene routine.

Digital dentistry has created a stronger engagement with our patients – we have received very positive feedback on the innovative technology used in our practices.


Everything you need to know about intraoral scanning

Intraoral scanners are used to create a digital image of your mouth. The images are used to diagnose oral health problems, or create any customised appliances that you may need. They are handheld devices that generate precise images very quickly, replacing the traditional goo-like impression material with a far more comfortable alternative!

Biting down on the impression goo can be an uncomfortable experience. For younger or neurodivergent patients, this traditional impression taking can be unpleasant, or even impossible. This can prevent treatment success and negatively impact oral health.

In contrast, intraoral scans promote a more comfortable, compliant method. Intraoral scanners can be used chair-side and they are quick. This makes it a comfortable experience for you as less time is spent in the chair.

The generated images are of a high quality, accurately representing colour and texture of the tissues in your mouth. This ensures your dental team can create precision-fit restorations and appliances first-time, for highly exceptional treatment outcomes.


Trusting AI with Pearl

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It seems impossible to go a day without hearing about it. In dentistry, AI is fast becoming a major benefit. It can help better communicate with patients and can be used in treatment planning.

At Clyde Munro, we understand the benefits of using AI and how it can support both you and our dentists. We have incorporated Pearl AI, an advanced AI software that perfectly aids our dentists.

Pearl Second Opinionâ is a dental AI platform that can automatically detect oral health conditions in X-rays. It provides a second set of eyes for dentists to work with, allowing more accurate image readings when both results are compared. This means patients will receive reliable examinations and diagnoses that are analysed by both dentist and computer.

Pearl Second Opinionâ can find issues that are generally hard-to-spot, including conditions in their earliest stages. This can be done again and again with the same results – computers don’t need breaks.

Of course, the dentist is still the one making decisions – the AI is simply confirming and validating their findings to give you extra confidence in the professional recommendations you receive.


How CHROME GuidedSMILE can improve implant treatment

At Clyde Munro practices, we use CHROME GuidedSMILE to make implant treatment as comfortable for patients as possible. CHROME helps dentists to accurately determine the ideal position for dental implants. This speeds up the surgical and restorative process for results that last.

As a planning solution, the software allows dentists to effectively communicate what they will be doing, so you know exactly what to expect at every stage.

Using CHROME saves valuable time for patients. Fewer appointments are required due to the software’s speed and accuracy. It reduces the risk of complications too.

An implant placed in the best position will look good and feel good, ensuring it fits the mouth perfectly. To avoid implant failure, CHROME shows the best place to insert the implant for successful fusion to the bone. This will ensure treatment success and save you from experiencing complications or multiple appointments!

At Clyde Munro, our dentists gain experience in a traditional workflow before developing their skills in guided implantology. This improves implant success and enhances patient care as the dentists have greater control of the entire procedure. CHROME is just one of the many exciting and beneficial technologies that we at Clyde Munro have invested in to improve our patient care.


Keeping a personal touch in dentistry

AI and other innovative technologies are a cornerstone of Clyde Munro’s daily workflow, but they do not make the clinical decisions or perform the treatments. Instead, they assist our dentists, supporting their decisions and making treatments less invasive and more comfortable for you. Investing in digital dentistry is also an investment in patient care.

We invest in our dentists, too. The Advanced Dentistry & Clinical Skills Centre is Clyde Munro’s way of prioritising the education and training for our professionals. The courses ensure our dentists have the knowledge needed to deliver excellent patient-centric dentistry. The centre has advanced the career skills of hundreds of individuals: pain management, composite veers and oral surgery are some of the topics explored.

By combining professional education with the very latest in dental equipment and software, we ensure patients leave all our practices smiling.