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Dental group ready to “pay it forward” following generous face mask donation

Published: 10 June 2021

A DONATION of 650 of the UK’s first fully recyclable face masks for dedicated staff at Scotland’s largest dental group has been “passed forward” with sizeable donations to two vital charities.

The masks by Surrey-based 1TcA (One Thought Changes All) will be distributed across our Scotland-wide Clyde Munro Dental Group network to help protect health workers on their commutes – and to build awareness and advocate for its environmentally-friendly product.

After hearing about the gesture, our Glasgow-based Clyde Munro team made the decision to pass the benefit on to two of our charity partners, with donations split between Alzheimer Scotland and Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer.

Kirsty Dace, Chief Development Officer with Clyde Munro, said: “Our teams have resumed dental treatments and services in some form for 11 months since lockdown restrictions lifted and their health is just as important to us on their commute, as it is within the practice.

“We are extremely grateful for the support from 1TcA and know the face masks will be put to good use. Through our collaboration with 1TcA, we agreed to pass this generous donation forward to our two charity partners.”

1TcA is a distributor of safety solutions including masks, snoods and recyclable desk screens with a clear focus on protecting lives and the planet, as well as educating people about the positive benefits of science and technology.

The company regularly donate masks and snoods to firms that share its passion and core values of supporting the community, whilst also being environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability.

Dentist in Scotland
Micaela Cowan and Gillian Mirrlees

Raj Kumari-Byford, Founder of 1TcA, comments: “Our recyclable and reusable masks are treated with Hei-Q Viroblock technology which is proven to protect against the virus which causes COVID-19.

“They are domestically washable and last for a year, so together Clyde Munro and 1TcA are helping to protect people and the environment.”

Clyde Munro was founded by Jim Hall in 2015 with the acquisition of seven practices. Since then, it has enjoyed rapid growth and now comprises 51 practices across Scotland, with more than 400,000 patients.

1TcA One Thought Changes All is the brainchild of socially and environmentally conscious Surrey mothers. All its net profit from sales goes into funding development projects around the world.

Visit for more information.

Hei-Q Viroblock  Fabrics and textiles treated with HeiQ Viroblock are resistant to microbes, germs, viruses and bacteria. It inhibits the persistence and growth of viruses and bacteria on the fabric and is a combination of HeiQ’s specially engineered antimicrobial silver technology and vesicle technology.

The silver releases silver-ions to kill the bacteria and inhibit growth. HeiQ Viroblock is certified as safe and sustainable as all its ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based and recycled.