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Fun facts about teeth!

Published: 14 December 2017

You won’t be surprised to hear that at the Clyde Munro Dental Group we love teeth! This is why we really enjoy finding out and sharing fun dental facts among our teams. We’ve pulled together our top 10 to share with you, which is your favourite..?

  1. One of the things we love most about teeth is that each set is completely unique; just like fingerprints, no two sets of teeth are the same. That’s why you’ve seen crime dramas using dental records to determine a victim’s identity.
  2. Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body, designed to protect our teeth against cavities.
  3. Not only do elephants have the largest teeth of all animals, but they also have six sets of molars in their lifetime. As one set is worn down, it is replaced by another set. Unfortunately, humans don’t have this luxury, so we have to take great care of our only set of adult teeth.
  4. We have four different types of teeth – canines, incisors, premolars and molars. Do you know which is which? Ask your Clyde Munro dentist at your next appointment.
  5. Milk teeth start to form before a baby is even born, while they are still in the womb. Most babies develop their first teeth at around 6-12 months, but they can appear even sooner than this. Your baby’s first dental appointment should be around the same time as their first tooth emerges, and it’s great to bring them along to your Clyde Munro dental practice early on so they become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of a dental visit.
  6. It is estimated that each person spends an average of 38 days brushing their teeth during their lifetime.
  7. Because our teeth sit in a row next to each other, toothbrushing only cleans around 60% of the tooth surfaces. To clean all around the teeth, we need to reach in between them with floss, which is why your dentist always talks about the importance of this oral hygiene habit!
  8. Did you know that giraffes only have bottom teeth? We wonder if they only pay half price for their dental appointments…
  9. It is recommended that we brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day, but on average most people only brush for a much shorter time than this. Do you know how long you brush your teeth for? Try setting a timer, you may be surprised by the result!
  10. Unlike our skin or bones, teeth cannot repair themselves once damaged, which is why it is important to look after your teeth and attend regular dental check ups.

If you’d like to find out more fun dental facts, or maybe you could tell your Clyde Munro dentist your favourite fact, book your next check up today! Just search for your nearest Clyde Munro practice using the practice finder. Our friendly and professional team are looking forward to hearing from you.