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What happens at a Hygienist appointment?

Published: 29 January 2018

Making routine visits to see a Clyde Munro dental hygienist is key to not only improving your oral health but also maintaining good overall health. A dental hygienist’s area of expertise is preventative dentistry and their role is to ensure your wellbeing through proper care of the mouth. A hygiene appointment is quite different from a dental appointment. Here is what you can expect from yours:


Before the hygienist starts cleaning the teeth, they will review your medical history with you. That way, they can be aware of any medical conditions you may have, which could affect your dental hygiene care. Information like your at-home oral hygiene routine and previous dental work, as well as any medications you may take, will be required. You will also be asked about whether you have noticed any changes in your teeth, gums, or the colour of the skin on the inside of the mouth, alongside any habits (i.e. smoking) and allergies you may have.

This is a great time for you to raise any concerns that you may have with regard to your oral health or home care regime. If you are struggling to clean any areas for any reason, it is worthwhile discussing this as your hygienist can focus some special attention here and then provide advice as to the best techniques or products to employ each day to make a difference.

Dental cleaning

At Clyde Munro, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each dental cleaning is strictly personalised to each patient’s specific oral health needs. First of all, the dental hygienist will assess the condition of your gums and teeth and then will gently remove any built-up plaque from the surfaces and in between the teeth. They will also polish the teeth, which helps to remove stains, and gives you that wonderful gleaming clean feeling! You will also receive advice related to brushing and flossing, the risk of dental decay, and more, all tailored to your own individual needs. If there are any areas of concern that the hygienist is not able to treat, such as dental decay or cavities, they will refer you to your dentist to provide any treatment that may be required.

Having your teeth cleaned by a hygienist is key to enjoying oral health, which has been shown time and time again by researchers to have a positive effect on your overall health. Added to that, our Clyde Munro dental hygienists are kind, friendly, and gentle in the work that they carry out, so you can rest assured that your appointments will always be a pleasant experience, and you will definitely love the results! Nothing quite beats the feeling of a dental hygiene clean!

If you’d like to book your next hygiene appointment, click here to find your nearest Clyde Munro Dental practice and they will be able to get you booked in for an appointment.