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How to make Halloween tooth friendly!

Published: 27 October 2017

If the idea of sweets, chocolate, and fizzy drinks are enough to put your teeth on edge this Halloween (see what we did there?) don’t worry because at Clyde Munro Dental Group we’ve got your back. This spooky time of year is more popular than ever, and parents are finding that alongside the traditional trick or treating, kids are being invited to Halloween parties and even dress-up days at school.

Of course, all of these events will be laden with sugary treats, so what can you do to protect your kids’ precious teeth?


Talk about teeth!

These times of year present a great opportunity to teach children about the effects of sugar and how to minimise the disastrous impact it can have on the teeth. We don’t recommend banning all things sweet from your children’s diet, it’s not really a feasible option, instead we advocate mindful consumption.


This is all about keeping sugar levels moderate and constrained to certain times of the day. For example, instead of allowing kids to snack on treats throughout the day, limit intake to around mealtimes. When we eat any food, we expose our teeth to an acid attack from the sugars and starches contained within it. Constant grazing puts the teeth under more frequent attack, which is where real damage can take place. By restricting sweets to mealtimes, you will be limiting the acid exposure.


It is also worth highlighting that toothbrushing should always occur at least one hour after eating because this gives the saliva in our mouths a chance to remineralise the teeth following a meal. Before the saliva has a chance to work its magic, the teeth are in a weakened state, so brushing at this time is not advisable.


During Halloween, you can have conversations with your kids about the importance of oral health, reiterating the messages about good brushing and flossing habits to wash away all of that nasty sugary stuff!


Tooth-friendly tips

If you really want to find some alternative and tooth-friendly Halloween treats, here are our top ideas for you:

  • Dairy delights – Milk, cheese and yoghurts contain essential calcium, which is a dream for teeth. Try getting creative by adding a red food dye to a glass of milk to create Vampire Blood, or green food dye to yoghurt to create Swamp Slime!
  • Trick or trinket – Instead of handing out snacks, why not opt for small, cheap gifts instead? Kids love stickers, pencils, bouncy balls, etc, so head down to your nearest pound shop for some ideas.


If you’ve used Halloween as a great way to get your kids interested in their oral health, then now is a great time to bring your kids for a dental check up! Search for your nearest Clyde Munro practice using the practice finder, here. Our friendly team are looking forward to hearing from you and your little ghouls!