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Orthodontic Treatment with Clyde Munro

Published: 27 July 2017

In the increasingly cosmetic world that we live in, the requirement for a beautiful smile is more important than ever; often the first step to achieving that is through orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic practice has come on in leaps and bounds over the years and it has never been easier to find the right treatment for you. From almost invisible removable aligners to lingual braces fitted behind the teeth, new and innovative treatments are being made more and more widely available and easily accessible. Whether you have a bite issue, spacing between teeth, or even just want to further improve your smile – orthodontics could be the right path for you.

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment is usually seen being sported by teenagers, although there have been cases of children as young as eight years old with severe malocclusions, or who even require interception treatment. However, adults also can require orthodontic application – this can be for aesthetic purposes, or even to better oral health.  In fact, more and more adults are taking up orthodontic treatment in recent times thanks to the advancements in highly aesthetic systems that are much more user-friendly and hardly noticeable. If you are worried, or even embarrassed, about having a full set of ‘train tracks’ in your adult years, various ‘invisible’ treatments can be used, for example; Invisalign, lingual braces and even ceramic fixed braces that are the same colour as your natural tooth.


Concerned about the cost of orthodontic treatments for yourself or your child?

The Clyde Munro Dental Group are delighted to offer NHS orthodontic referrals as well as private orthodontic treatments. Each referral will be considered for each patient’s individual needs and requirements, and only the most suitable treatments will be recommended and advised. Please note, that not all cases can qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment, however, this is something that can be discussed during a consultation, if this is the case, private orthodontic care can be discussed. We take pride in the safe and effective tools we use at Clyde Munro as well as some of the most well-respected dentists in the cosmetic dental industry, and we have every faith in helping you to achieve your perfect smile.

The great news is that patients who are considering orthodontic treatment do not need to go to their dentist and wait for a referral, you are able to come directly to us at Clyde Munro! Simply use our practice finder tool on the website to find your nearest orthodontic location and get in touch to book a consultation. During your orthodontic treatment with us, you will stay registered with your regular dentist for your routine appointments and other dental work, as our approach allows patients to visit a Clyde Munro dental practice purely for the treatment required, without having to move away or change from their normal dental practice.

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