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Dermal Fillers – What Are My Options?

Published: 08 June 2022

Dermal fillers are a very effective treatment with instant results that you can enjoy straight away. Dermal fillers provide a non-surgical solution to face volume enhancement. They are a much more cost-effective option than surgery, with far less risk and a more predictable outcome. While they are not a permanent solution, this can prove to be beneficial, allowing you to adapt your look as you feel appropriate.

The benefit of derma filler is in its ability to help balance a face, such as in the lips, cheeks, chin, or frown lines and add volume. Derma fillers are an option for supporting the natural beauty of the face, administered using a fine needle and syringe. This means that the procedure is quick and comfortable with little downtime.

What is a Derma Filler?

The main ingredient in dermal filler injections is hyaluronic acid, which is a mineral that naturally occurs within the body to transport hydration where it is needed. Hyaluronic acid is recognised as a safe and popular anti-ageing skincare ingredient. There are specific derma fillers designed for each part of the face to ensure the correct level of volume and tissue suppleness is delivered. You will be given product advice and literature to inform you of the specific derma filler being prescribed for you.

Who should consider Dermal Fillers?

There are no age barriers to derma fillers. Young patients may wish to seek the benefits of enhancing the curvature and volume of their lips or accentuating their cheekbones to create a more balanced symmetry of the facial outline. Derma fillers at the other end of the age spectrum can compensate for the reduced production of hyaluronic acid, especially in the skin, which causes a loss of plumpness and moisture, creating a less youthful appearance. The use of hyaluronic acid, combined with enhanced techniques, helps to provide a natural-looking result, whatever your concern may be.

Dermal fillers can replace lost volume as a gel-like substance that is injected beneath the skin into various areas of the face to help restore lost volume.

Facial aesthetics at Clyde Munro

At Clyde Munro, we are pleased to offer a wide range of dermal filler treatments for various concerns including, lips, cheek fillers, jaw fillers, chin fillers and fillers around the mouth for marionette lines along with the naso-labial (nose to mouth) fold. The aim is to help provide a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance and greater face definition.

We will take time to listen to your facial aesthetic goals. We are happy to offer solutions and treatment options on how best we can support your facial aesthetic goals. You will receive a personalised cosmetic fillers treatment plan designed to help you achieve the results you desire.

Treatment with dermal fillers takes around 15-30 minutes and the results can last from 6 months to 18 months depending on the derma filler used and which area has been treated. The volume created by the derma fillers will naturally break down as part of the body’s tissue cycle of absorbing the additional hyaluronic acid within the derma filler gel. This means over time, the volume gained will be lost so you may wish to maintain the preferred tissue volume with a top-up amount at regular intervals to sustain your rejuvenated look. After your procedure, you may experience some swelling, which can be easily managed with ice packs, arnica cream and/ or ibuprofen when necessary.

Re-shape the face and smooth fine lines

Dermal fillers are used to create volume where required in various areas of the face for different concerns. For example, deep lines and wrinkles can be softened in places such as the forehead or around the mouth and the nose. Sometimes sunken areas can cause an ageing effect, this often occurs under the eyes and can be treated with tear trough filler, adding the lost volume for a more youthful appearance.

For patients seeking a more harmonious look to create symmetry or definition in the face, facial fillers can help with this by contouring the jawline and chin, adding volume to the cheeks or temples, and of course, plumping the lips.

Different dermal filler products are used according to the area being treated and the technique used. For example, contouring and defining the jawline, cheeks, chin, and nose will require face fillers with a thicker consistency, whereas softer products are used to treat the tear trough and lips or smooth out wrinkles in the forehead.

Lip enhancement with Dermal Fillers

Lip enhancement with lip fillers has become an extremely popular treatment over recent years with many patients seeking fuller, more defined lips. This may be to add fullness and projection that can be lost with ageing, or simply to create a more perfect shape. Dermal fillers can be used to safely create fuller lips, replace lost volume, correct asymmetry, or create balance between the upper and lower lips.

The treatment works by treating the lip area with a series of small injections all around the lip lines to create a defined, youthful, yet natural appearance. There is minimal recuperation time after lip enhancement treatment. However, there will be a small amount of swelling initially whilst the lip tissue relaxes around the gel of the derma filler. This is a known side effect of having a derma filler gel injected and is a natural part of the tissue change. The lip should settle to the desired volume within 24 to 48 hours.

Why choose Clyde Munro for Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers at Clyde Munro are always performed by highly qualified clinicians who are experts in their field. This means your treatment will always be safe and effective with natural-looking results that you will love.

If you are thinking about rejuvenating your look you are bound to have questions – so, why not get in touch today? Read more and enquire about dermal fillers here.