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Establishing an Experienced In-house Recruitment Team

Published: 29 August 2022

Jo Hood and Karen Diamond have joined Clyde Munro Dental Group bringing a combined 35 years’ experience in specialist recruitment and in-depth knowledge in the healthcare sector.

The newly-formed specialised recruitment department aims to boost Clyde Munro’s efforts in bringing more dentists into its Scottish practices.

The duo will look to build networks throughout the UK into Europe and beyond to source dentists. Having direct experience in recruiting medical professionals both domestically and internationally, they understand the level of support required for anyone looking to relocate and will be on hand to make the journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Jo, who previously worked alongside Karen at Edinburgh-based medical recruitment business, Head Medical, said: “Initially, recruitment played only a small part within Clyde Munro’s overarching human resources department as it had been relatively straightforward for individual practices to source their own talent.

“The landscape has radically changed – and the establishment of the Scottish dental sector’s first dedicated in-house recruitment team shows the group’s commitment to ensuring its patients receive quality care – and that more people can receive treatment both via the NHS and privately.

“Clyde Munro has now made recruitment a key business focus. Supporting the group’s growth through finding exceptional talent to join us when there is a shortage of dental candidates is a challenge.

“But it’s one that Karen and I are looking forward to facing head-on, particularly as we know how important it is to have a higher head count so that current dentists have that much needed support.”

The pair’s plan is focused on providing new recruits with as much information as possible on what Clyde Munro is doing to set itself apart from the market. This includes significant digital investment, growth and sector-leading sustainability credentials.

Clyde Munro also offers extensive career growth and progression, a dedicated training centre and subsidised training opportunities.

Karen said: “The role goes beyond just recruitment. Many people will have to relocate their families for a new role in the dental industry in Scotland while some will need help setting up bank accounts or help to search for new homes and schools. We also understand the cost this can have for candidates and so we want to support them in every aspect.

“We also want to sell Scotland to recruits who may be coming in from overseas. Jo prefers vibrant city life while I personally prefer a quieter and more rural way of living, which means we provide the perfect mix of knowledge when it comes to showcasing Scotland as the perfect destination.”

The experienced pair also acknowledge the importance of timing as some of Clyde Munro’s dental practices have more immediate needs and with more practices planned to join the group in the coming months, they are ensuring the group has the talent it needs for now and in the future.

Karen added: “It’s all about the timing. We want to be able to offer an outstanding candidate experience and so must work with practices to ensure the best possible onboarding process.”

Clyde Munro’s Chief Operating Officer, Fiona, Wood, said: “We are committed to delivering outstanding standards in patient care throughout Scotland.

“Clyde Munro strives to improve patient experience and Scotland’s dental health, both of which will be helped by the establishment of a core recruitment team. We are looking forward to welcoming more clinical staff into the Clyde Munro team as a result of Jo-Jo and Karen’s efforts.”

Clyde Munro’s stated ambition is to become Scotland’s “local dentist”, operating an expanding network of family dentists across Scotland, with each devoted to providing the best dental care, while reflecting the needs and character of its community.

If you are interested in joining Clyde Munro, visit our careers page or contact: